BiC will conduct a review of learning materials for vocational choices in all participating countries. The material collected in the review of textbooks and informational material for vocational choices will be used in developing of an online toolkit/toolbox for gender sensitive educational and vocational counselling for teachers and counsellors, as well as informational material for boys and parents. The toolkit/toolbox will also include method sheets to support educators' work in combating gender stereotypes about men/boys and care and information material which can be used in vocational guidance settings (e.g. workshops) for boys and were tested in the training courses for teachers and counsellors. The tools will cover different settings (e.g. school education, vocational information), ways of working and different target groups (education level) and improve teachers and vocational counsellors capabilities to inform boys about care professions in a gender sensitive manner.

Furthermore, a manual for teachers and counsellors working with boys interested in gender untypical professions based on the review in WS1, the activities in WS2 and the results of WS3. The manual will be strongly oriented on the practical needs of the teachers and vocational counsellors. It supports their work by providing strategies, tools, specific knowledge and mechanisms for supporting boys in gender untypical occupational choices and at the same time helps to upgrade existing supportive mechanisms. The manual will improve professionals’ day-to-day practice so that they are able to provide child-centered specific and gender sensitive support in order to meet the needs of boys. The manual will integrate best-practice examples, results of the review, training course modules and information on the conducted support actions, but also awareness raising deliverables (e.g. short movies, games). To reach the biggest impact possible there will be many established and various innovative tools provided like videos, posters, flyers, exercises, best practice examples and reflection methods with practical use, that help multipliers to inform children about gender stereotypes related to men/boys and care and to reflect their own perspective. The tools will be focused on how  teachers and vocational counsellors can empower boys who consider care occupation against the gender based prejudices in their families, peer-groups, school environment as well as in wider culture and society. The content of the manual will be tested, evaluated and improved in the training courses  in order to reach the best outcome, so that it can be used beyond the training courses. It will be made available online for free for teachers, vocational counsellors, youth workers, experts in the field and other interested audiences in order to spread the methodology and approaches of the project. It will also be available in a paper version. Both the print and digital versions of the manual will be used to disseminate the projects results and facilitate a transfer of knowledge on the project results throughout Europe.

Online toolkit for gender sensitive educational and vocational counselling for teachers and counsellors: Boys in Care Toolkit

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Card set for strengthening boys for care professions: Card Set

Videos with men employed in care professions (right click on selected item and choose "save destination as.." to download the video) or visit our youtube channel.

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Manual for teachers and vocational counsellors who work with boys*:Boys in Care Manual

Training curriculum for a three day course: Boys in Care Training Curriculum

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