Boys in Care

The project "BOYS IN CARE – Strengthening Boys to pursue Care Occupations (BiC)" - JUST/2015/RGEN/AG/ROLE/9249, which is under implementation from April 2017 to September 2019 in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Slovenia, is aiming at:

  • Explicitly naming boys as a driving force and target group in the desegregation of educational and vocational choices with a focus on care professions;
  • Developing, implementing and disseminating tools for teachers and vocational counsellors to be able to support boys in their atypical vocational choices;
  • Creating and improving initiatives, that support boys in atypical vocational pathways;
  • Challenging the under-representation of men in professional care education including health care, elderly care, early childhood education and primary school teaching where in the majority of EU countries less than 15% of the care work is undertaken by men;
  • Creating supportive environment enabling boys to pursue care careers;
  • Challenging the cultural ascription of care work;
  • Fostering caring masculinities and challenging gender norms.