Welcome to the Boys in Care project (BiC) website, dedicated to boys and parents, teachers in primary and secondary schools, vocational counsellors, experts (youth workers, boys workers, social workers) who are supporting boys in atypical educational and vocational choices.


BiC is an innovative project for several reasons:

  • It addresses gender stereotypes in vocational choice from the perspective of critical studies of men and masculinities, which have not yet been fully integrated into the strategies of gender equality.
  • It recognizes that ideas and stereotypes about care, play a crucial role in the formation of gender identity and also in vocational choices.
  • It attempts to raise the participation of boys and men in professional care – an issue that has so far not been worked on enough.
  • It builds on existing initiatives in order to improve and supplement them.


We hope that you will enjoy our website finding it to be inspiring and informative about the BiC project activities, the comparative research work and events on encouraging, motivating and supporting boys in Europe to overcome gender stereotypes in choosing and pursuing career paths in caring professions.